Thursday, November 1, 2007


Ok I was tagged about a month ago and I am finally getting to it!

Tagged by Jody
Thanks Jody sorry it took so long! :D
Don't know if I can come up with 8 bloggers to tag but I will try! =)

In the BLOG world if you are tagged, you have to tag 8 others and tell 8 things about yourself.

Thing #1~I love my husband! More than anything! He's hard working and he puts up with my procrastinating and laziness! We are both easy going so we get along great!
We have been married 10 years...Oct. 18! And it has been a wonderful 10 years!

Thing #2~I have 4 beautiful children who are all the best in their own way! Corbin is so imaginitive and friendly and talkative and smart! Seth is his exact opposite in so many ways...quiet, reserved, shy and tender hearted...and very smart too! They both got straight A's on their most recent report card! And Seth the school's Star Student last week! Ashlyn is my big girl! Wants to be grown-up now! Loves to talk and draw and "do homework"...loves her baries and dolls! Sage is my daily dose of testing! Tests my patience and my temper and and and! LOL!! She's full of energy and mischief and questions! She is in that "what's that?!?!" stage! She's a sweetie pie! I just love them all!

Thing #3~I love photography! I love pictures! I love taking them! I love finding things to take pics of! I love taking pics of my kids and your kids and anyone elses kids! I love love love it! I have over 24,000 pics on my external drive! I take pics of anything and everything!!

Thing #4~I love to build web pages! I love to design them and code them and do what I want with them instead using a cookie cutter template that everyone else on the plaent has!

Thing #5~Someday I want to go to college and study photography and web design!

Thing #6~One day I will have a photography business! And design web pages on the side!

Thing #7~Flash scares the crap out of me! haha! But I want to learn it!! Flash is so cool! And much more neat than a plain html site! :D

Thing #8~I want to travel! All ove the world! Top of my list are
1. OZ!
2. Spain
3. Italy
4. Greece

Ok that is it!

I tag Lori S., Keli, Lori (sis), Becca, Elizabeth...hmm...can't think of 8 so that is it! :D

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