Friday, November 16, 2007

Fun times! has taken me all week to recoup and get to posting about our trip.
I have been dragging all week! But here goes!

So we rented an Excursion...loaded up 8 people...almost not enough room...and we were off!!

We spent the day driving to California...getting there in time to eat and go to bed.
We got a late start...LOL...but we hadn't planned on doing anything but driving so it was good.

Friday morning we all got up and headed to Denny's for breakfast and it was time to go to Legoland!

We had a lot of fun there! It was amazing everything they build with Legos!!! There were dinosaurs, animals, fairy tale characters, knights, dragons, pirates...famous people and places...Bionicles, StarWars was so neat. And they had a fun rides that the kids and us grown-ups loved! Sage and Ashlyn rode their first roller-coaster! Sage loved it...Ashlyn hated it! LOL! I thought Sage would be scared to death...guess she's a little thrill seaker! haha!
Ashlyn's favorite was a nice leaisurely boat ride through a fairy tale land. and the boys loved the roller coasters! I have so many pictures from Legoland! I wanted to stop and take a picture of everything I saw! :D

Next stop SeaWorld!! Saturday we went to SeaWorld for the day! It was lots of fun! The kids loved the Shamu, Dolphin and Seal...Sea Lion...Walrus shows! We sat in the soak zone at the Shamu show but on the last row. So we didn't even get a drop on us. But for the Seal show Corbin sat in the front row and got a little wet...he loved it! Then for the Dolphin show Ashlyn got brave and sat with Corbin in the front row. THEY GOT SOAKED!!! Ashlyn came running back to me laughing and holding her shirt away from was funny! One soaking was good for her! :D

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