Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 228...2008...*Angel Kisses*...

August 15, 2008  
7 and a half months ago...I took my last 365 self pic...It was a great year, but it was such a hassle and a burden and a creativity killer that I dreaded every picture I had to take for the last few months.  There were lots of days that the only pic I took was the 365 pic...I didn't even want to pic up my camera.  I probably missed out on taking lots of pics of important things, because I just didn't want to take any.
Well I am starting to feel that way again.  Even though I am just taking pics of whatever I feel like, it's still too much of a downer.  And instead of letting it ruin the fun and enjoyment that I find in photography...I am going to stop my 365.
Maybe I can start taking pics for me now and not feel obligated and just take whatever I can find. :)
I really appreciated all the comments of those that followed me!

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Dave said...

Not sure where you get the energy to take all those photos but it's worth it, they're brillant. I especially like the B&W portrait, inspiring...
Keep it up!


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