Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 30...2008... *shine*

January 30, 2008

Winter's weighin' on your shoulders
It's hangin' around a little too long
And I can see it in your eyes
You've taken on a load that's just too strong
Oh but let me get down to the heart of the matter
Baby if you want I can make it better now

When the sun is hard to find
When it's rainin in your eyes
When the shadows block those pretty little blue skies living inside you
When the fallin' of your tears, makes a candle disappear
When you just can't see the light
Baby I'll find a way to shine
I'll find a way to shine

Day 30...2008... *shine*

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mindi said...

I like the photo of the sun - very nice.
I also wanted to say I LOVE the music on your blog! Very cool!


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