Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 159...Crazy, Awesome! SO much!

Day 159...Crazy, Awesome! SO much!
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I had a busy weekend. So I am behind on my pics but I did take pics.
Just didn't have time to post.

I entered the arena and was heading down the stairs to my seats...I had Sec. B, Row 5!! 5 rows from the stage!
So I look down the stairway and I see Chris Rodriguez coming up the stairs...I chickened out and didn't say anything... :S
So I went to my seat and kept an eye on the stairs. Eventually he came back down again and I grabbed a newly aquainted friend and we ran over to say hi. So I said hi, and he said hi back. LOL! That was all anyone said haha! So I asked if we could take a picture with him. He said of course!

Soon after I found out that my friend had gotten a set of upgraded tix to the 1ST ROW! So we took our place at the baracade before Keith came out. It's all a blur now...LOL!

It was an awesome night. We had a blast. Despite some rude fans.
Keith and his band rawked the house! It was just awesome!

The stage setup had a catwalk run down the middle of the audience. So Keith and his band would go out on in through out the show. And even though Keith never shook my hand, Chris R. did a few times.

And at one point Keith stopped right in front of us and got on his knees and jammed the guitar! That was pretty awesome....but I was being crushed by girls trying to get a feel of him. Guess that comes wih being at the stage!!

Then at the end of the show Chris walked over to the edge of the catwalk where we stood and threw a pick into the crowd. And then! Took my hand and placed one in my hand! It was so cool...and I didn't even realize he had iven me a actually fell on the catwalk among the confetti that had been released was a mad scramble to find it LOL!

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