Thursday, April 19, 2007


So I don't want to come out and say that I am a failure.
Because I don't feel that way.
I lost 11 pounds and have kept it off.

I have just stopped working out...completely. I want to do it and I want to lose weight and feel great. But I just can't get back into the routine. And I feel the difference energy levels are low. I am not eating healthy again. I skip breakfast again, because I am not up early eating first thing. Instead I am dragging myself out of bed just in time to get Corbin up and fed and run out the door. I stay up too late again. So of course I am tired all day. Because regardless of how late or early I go to bed...I still have to get kids up and moving.

It was so easy to get up and just do it, WHEN I was doing it. Why is it so easy to just stop?

I try to fool myself into thinking that it is too hard to eat healthy because the rest of the family doesn't want to eat "healthy food". When I should really be telling myself that starting good, healthy eating habits young is the way to go. Instead we opt for the easy, fast, unhealthy route.

Thanks for listening to me whine...

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