Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 113...NEVER go to sleep ANGRY!

Because when you wake in the morning, it may be worse. LOL!
Hve you ever seen the movie "Never Been Kissed" ?
Drew Barrymore's character goes to the club and gets a "LOSER" stamp because she is "under-age". Then she gets all doped up from the Rastafarians brownies and goes crazy dancin'? Then goes home and falls asleep on her hand?
So she goes to school and everyone is calling her "LOSER"!! ROFL!
So she goes to the bathroom to cry and finds that she has LOSER tattooed across her forehead...Cementing the idea that she indeed was a LOSER! GOOD STUFF!!
So this ANGRY! tattoo across my face reminded me of that movie...
I was so tired last night I forgot to wash it it was left on my face and other hand also!
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