Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So...I post a blog everyday...but I don't take the time to stop in and write anything...about me, what's going on with me....ya know?

May sound selfish...or snobby...but gosh darnit, this is MYspace! It's all about me RIGHT!!

This whole 365 thing has really made me break out of my shell! And in only 2+ weeks...AMAZING! Before this project I hated the camera...didn't want anyting to do with the front end of it!! More than happy to stay behind and catch everyone else!

Well actually what really started it, was a picture I found...
It almost felt like looking at another person! LOL! So long ago! Summer of '95...right before my Junior year of high school...Some friends talked me into posing in a bathing suit...HA!! May not sound like much...but for was MUCH!! haha! It was THE hottest pic ever taken of me...LOL! Well I think so it inspired me...Well I am far from that 16 year old person I once was...I blame it on the kids! It's all their fault! hehe! But it made me decide to go on my first phase of camera therapy...haha...and it helped a little...

Then along came this group of 365 shooters...and I wanted to try! So here I am Day 16...cutting it close today...but stickin' to it! Needing inspiration...but still enjoying the experience. So there's my latest happenings...

Doing this project has also helped me just take pics of my kids too...not feel like I have to stage a shot everytime!

P.S. Someday I may get brave and post that photo of me from long long ago...but for now...I am not that brave yet! hehe!

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