Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A new start...this is me!! Day 30...

Flattering...no!?!? LOL! And no I am not smiling...heh...who wants to smile when you look like this!

Yeah, this is me. Far from what I once was...and a long road to feeling better about me.

My excuses...having babies, too many good things to eat, it's too hard to excercise and be eat right and be healthy.

The real reason...plain and simple...LAZY! Once I was an active young person...then I got lazy. And this is where it lead me. I never had weight problems growing up. This is an adult issue only.

My reasons for wanting a change? There are many reasons...but obviosuly I just want to be more healthy...there is a reason that my pics are most always my face...and at flattering angles too. I haven't felt good about myself for years. I have never wanted to do anything about it either. It is too easy to just be lazy and not do anything. If it takes a commitment and work of any kind, I am the last to raise my hand to join. I am changing that NOW!

I want to look back in a few years and think...WOW...how did I get to that point?!?! And never look this way again!

Some facts about me...

When I graduated High School...10 years in May!!! I was in the best shape of my life.
I weighed 125 pounds...and I looked good! LOL!
Fast forward to October of that same year, I weighed 135 pounds... :S ...10 pounds! Yeah...I know...blah...but I was still in good shape. In January of 1998 I became pregnant with my first child and that started this...LOL! By the time I had my son I weighed 180+ pounds. I think 182 to be exact...but it's been 8 years so...
After he was born I think I was down to 150 instantly. But never lost anything after that. :(

So fast forward again...8 years...3 more babies...sporadic excercise...bad eating habits...lazy, lazy, lazy!! I am at my highest non-pregnant weight ever and I feel like CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! I weigh 176 pounds...and no I am not embarrased to say it...because I am making a change in my life!

So there I am! I will update once a month with a new pic, and I better be seeing some results!! :D

Thanks for reading if you got this far! <3

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