Saturday, August 4, 2007

Day 215...Soul2Soul 2007!!!

Day 215...Soul2Soul 2007!!!
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WOW! It was soooooo much fun! The opening act was great! Halfway 2 Hazard! They rocked it out! It was like being at a rock concert, not a country one! The also shot a video during their set! It was pretty awesome!

Tim and Faith were of course AWESOME! They opened with Snow Patrol's, Chasing Cars...which was a little odd for a country concert and a duet...but they did a great job!
The whole night was great! Despite the annoying tap on our backs and request to sit! GAH! To which I replied...You don't come to a concert to sit... :D
Well she traded places with someone else, so she wasn't a bother to us anymore...but happened to notice her later on and she was sitting looking very irritated as most of the crowd in front of her was standing...couldn't win I guess! LOL! But hey! Even Tim made it clear that he wanted everyone on their feet when he yelled! "Come on Phoenix! Get off your A**'s!" ROFL! You heard the man! GET UP! hehehe!

Well my concert going is done for the year. So I must say I had an awesome time, going to so many concerts this year! It was great fun!
Here are all my pics from the concerts in the last year!

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