Friday, February 9, 2007

DAY 40!!! I WON!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! this isn't the real ticket...It's my ticket from my first concert.
And as you can see they were TERRIBLE!!
But it was still a AUSSOME night!!
I just won Phoenix tickets from KMLE!!!!!
It was soooooo exciting. I was shaking afterward!!!
They make it too easy but oh well!! LOL!
Before he started asking I really wanted to tell him to make it harder! LOL!!

It was a Keith or no Keith game.
First song, Stupid Boy!! OF COURSE!!!!!!
Then a Phil Vassar song can't remember which one...LOL!!...NO WAY!!
Then Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me!! YES YES YES!! LOL!
Then Making Memories of Us!! OF COURSE!!
And last Come A Little Closer!!! NO!!!!!! hehe!!

Man it was really surreal, I have never won anything, EVER!!
It was so fun!!

I won't get actual info on the tickets for a couple weeks... LOL!!
But who cares!! I won tickets!!

Thanks for reading!!

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